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Forklift Safety Suggestions & Rules
Every year, there are about 20,000 cases of accidents that are related to using forklifts in the United States alone. And every year around 100 deaths are attributed to forklift accidents. Fortunately, proper training about maintenance and operation procedures can significantly reduce the chance of accidents. The following basic safety rules and tips must be followed whenever operating a forklift.

The employer is responsible for making certain that workers are qualified to utilize a forklift and have gone through a correct training program. Training involves a combination of lectures, presentations, practical hands-on training and discussions. Reevaluation must take place every three years. Forklift operators must be up-to-date with current forklift safety rules. Forklift training program content includes dangers of forklift operations, general workplace hazards, dangers connected to utilizing the particular forklift that the employee would be using and workplace lighting and surfaces. An employee must be 18 years of age or over to use a forklift.

In order to make certain that the equipment is working safely and properly, forklift inspection should be carried out every day. The inspection involves keeping a checklist of things and reporting any concerns at once.

The Workplace
Safe operation of a forklift involves a safe and clean workplace. A safe work place means establishing "traffic lanes" that are only designated for forklift use. Warning systems such as horns and flashing lights must be in place to indicate when there is a forklift approaching. Forklift docking stations should be inspected on a daily basis and kept in good repair.

General Guidelines
General safety rules for forklift use include respecting the load capacity of the forklift and never going over the maximum; avoiding known hazards on the ground, such as oil spills or wet spots; lowering or raising the load only when the forklift is stationary; ensuring there is enough clearance for the load; and keeping legs, hands and arms in the vehicle while utilizing it.

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