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Drum Clamp

Drum Clamp

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Drum Clamp - Forklifts are really designed to lift, move and store items placed on pallets. For companies which use drums, they normally need an attachment to be able to deal with storing, lifting and moving them. There are a few various attachments which a business could utilize for all of your drum lifting, moving, and storing needs. These attachments are particularly utilized to deal with drum containers - therefore there is no risk of damage to the product or drum container whenever they are stored, moved or lifted.

Drum Positioner And Grab
The drum positioner can be used to load and unload drums off of racks, drum stands and vehicles. These are existing in three and four tine models. This attachment is fully mechanical, thus enabling the the one operating it to operate all from the comfort of the forklift seat. Able to move steel, large and extra large plastic drums, its capacity is 210 liters. This particular attachment is meant for drum pyramid stacking.

The drum grab is fork mounted and is designed with the sole objective of handling steel drums that have rolling hoops. Even though the reason for the design was to deal with steel drums with rolling hoops, the drum grab can accommodate the transporting of large and extra large plastic drums. Drum capacity maximum is 210 liters for steel drums with rolling hoops and 220 liters for plastic drums.

The Rotator
The drum rotator is actually a lift truck attachment which mounts on to the forks themselves. The objective of the drum rotator is to lift the drum and turn it upside down. The drum fits in to the rotator with a steel clamp that fits over the center of the drum. The rotation is done by either a crank handle or a continuous loop chain. The crank handle is designed for operations that happen below shoulder level. For operations which should occur higher than shoulder level, the continuous loop chain will be utilized.

Drum tines are simple fork mounted accessory that could be utilized for stacking and unstacking 210-liter metal drums. Stacking involves nothing elaborate, just easy horizontal placement of the drums. The carriage-mounted accessories lessen the load center of the drums.

Automatic Tongs
Drum tongs are obtainable both semi-automatic and automatic models that can be utilized in the open topped and tight head steel drum styles. The drum tongs can likewise be connected several different ways to the forklift. One way is to connect them under a fork-mounted hook. Another way is to connect them to a fork-mounted jib or a carriage mounted jib. Both the semi automatic and the automatic have a drum capacity of 210 liters. With the automatic, there is no need for the person operating it to ever leave the seat of the forklift.

Rim Grip Handler
The Rip Grip Drum Handler is the best choice for lift truck attachments, whenever there is a need to stockpile drums with limited space obtainable. This particular attachment can be utilized on either 120L and 210L drums. The Rim Grip Handler works by using metal jaws in order to hold the edge of the drum. It lifts the drum and sets it down without requiring any room between the drums. The average model used in the industry is a zinc-plated handler, even though, this particular attachment comes accessible in stainless steel for the food and drink industry.

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