Which can detect very small defects

Which can detect very small defects

Our Keystone line was converted four years ago and has safely transported more than 700 million barrels of oil.

The entire Energy East line will be subjected to state-of-the-art in-line inspection, which can detect very small defects – including minor corrosion, fingernail-sized dents or even damage to the external coating. Before the line is ever allowed to be put into service, our detailed engineering evaluations will need to be reviewed and approved by the independent National Energy Board.

TransCanada is committed to safety. We have one of the best safety records in the industry, and we never venture into a project lightly. We have already safely converted pipelines from gas to oil transport. We will use the best material and technologies to convert a portion of the Canadian Mainline gas system to oil transport to ensure that Energy East not only meets our country’s growing demand for reliable and affordable energy, but does it in the safest way possible.

Second, the existing natural gas pipeline in Ontario is newer than claimed in your article. The pipeline to be converted in the vicinity of North Bay and Trout Lake was constructed in the 1990s with the same steel specifications and corrosion-prevention systems that TransCanada uses on new pipelines built today.

With proper maintenance and monitoring, pipelines can operate safely indefinitely – and TransCanada has 350 people employed in pipeline integrity and has invested more than $1 billion in 2013 to make sure our system runs safely. TransCanada has a leading safety and operating record that we are extremely proud of and our goal is always zero incidents.

We have received tremendous feedback and support from residents in North Bay and everyone agrees with the importance of protecting vital resources like Trout Lake and North Bay’s water supply.

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